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Run giveaways using YAGPDB!


  • Start giveaways with duration, optional prize, number of participants, number of winners, and giveaway channel.
  • End giveaways and announce winners instantly.
  • Cancel giveaways without announcing winners.
  • Re-roll an old giveaway to find new winners. This feature is available only for v2 and the compressed version of the giveaway system only.
  • List all active giveaways.
  • execCC support for automating giveaway creation/cancellation/etc. from custom commands.



For new users, we advise that you use basic v2 as it has the most features.

  • Basic - The original giveaway system with basic features: starting, ending, cancelling, and listing giveaways.
  • Basic v2 - Version two of the giveaway system with all of the features of the original one plus reroll support.
  • Compressed - A highly compressed version of the basic v2 giveaway system.

Please refer to the pages linked above for installation instructions and usage.


These custom command packages were written by @Satty9361.