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This is a collection of useful "snippets", or parts of code, that you can implement. For example, this folder includes code snippets to convert a string to time, an implementation of selection sort, and some more useful things. Take a look around!


As this code is meant to be freely used as part of other code with restriction or need for attribution, most code snippets are licensed under the Unlicense. In other words, feel free to do whatever. You don't need to attribute us, but we'd certainly be happy if you did!

Which snippets are under the Unlicense?

As some of the snippets were authored by people weren't contacted about the licensing change yet, anything not authored by @jo3-l should still be considered subject to the terms of the MIT license.


Most code in this folder cannot be copy-pasted. It is here for you to understand and use in your own code. Do not expect to be able to copy-paste this.